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Site Submitter  Site Submitter 1.0
Automatically Submit Your web site to many Search Engines. Helps keep your site listed in the search engines. Has an update feature to stay current. Search engine submission tool.

Intelliant OCR  Intelliant OCR 1.0
OCR commandline utility, able to convert scanned images into a PDF format, including both image and text in a standard container. This increases the value of your intellectual capital, allowing you to best utilize your documents with any search engine. It is remarkably fast, light and the recognition function makes quite a nice job for the main european languages. Above all it can be easily integrated in your existing document management system.

Universal Searchlet  Universal Searchlet 1.14
The internet search revolution has it's name now - Universal Searchlet! Save loads of time with this astounding piece of software! Just click the icon in your systray, enter search text, select the search engine and go! You will never ever have to type the URL of any search engine in your browser again. You even do not have to start the browser, Universal Searchlet does it all for you! You can create your own searches - endless posibilities!

WebExpert Pro  WebExpert Pro 1.3
WebExpert Pro will help you analyze work’s results of search engines and optimize your website for successful indexing with the major search engines.
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  Aranker 1.0
Web site promotion software based on php. Only 15 days and you are guaranteed to have top 10 rankings on search engines + it comes with build-in money making machine.
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PageRank provides search engine optimization tools check if a specific site is linking back to you, very useful when trying to keep track of all your link swaps, which is necessary when your are optimizing for search engines
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Lessons Learned Server for Linux  Lessons Learned Server for Linux 1.0.5
A knowledgebase system allowing to store, access, search and explore knowledge within your organization, department or team.
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AK-Player  AK-Player 2
Zoom Video, Multi-Screen (Run many object in the same time with high performance) Rate (20 levels to fast and slow video or audio. 6 levels to fast and slow MP3 with clear voice). Auto-continue and auto-play with multimedia search engine. Open hidden files and system files through quick search engine. support Play (Video, Audio, Image). Eject and inject all your CD or DVD in the same time. Learn how to use through James character.
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Get-all-links  Get-all-links 1.0
PageRank provides search engine optimization tools to check search engine ranking and tips on increasing Web traffic, gets all links from a specific web site for you to analyze
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localsearch  localsearch 2.0
LocalSearch searches all pages of your Internet website for keywords and provides a search function. With the help of an assistant and a few mouse clicks you provide an entire quantitative search engine. LocalSearch lists every search result according to frequency of appearance. The design of your Internet appearance can automatically be templated. With LocalSearch Deluxe you can place an input field and the results anywhere on your web page
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SiteRankOptimiser  SiteRankOptimiser 3.5
Web Site Rank Optimizer ! Skyrocket Your Website To A Top 10 Ranking ! Get indexed in ALL of the major search engines in 12 hours. Optimize your website for MSN, Yahoo, and the new Google... See how your competitors outrank you in the search engines. Ethically spy on outranking competitors that are stealing your best prospects. Easily find and email thousands of hidden, high page rank websites to quickly boost your own website.
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Google's Ranking TOP SECRET  Google's Ranking TOP SECRET 1.0
A revolutionary report that shows you how to rank in Google's Fist Page in LESS than 24 HOURS! It is a SIMPLE,Fast and Effective method... NO SEO,NO LINK BUILDING,NO EXTENSIVE KEYWORD SEARCHING.... You can implement the method in LESS than10 minutes! Grab Googe's Ranking TOP SECRET NOW!
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Best Keywords Finder  Best Keywords Finder 1.2
Best Keywords Finder is a necessary tool for every webmaster. Best Keywords Finder finds the most commonly used keyword combinations with a single button click. You may specify a target keyword and instantly get a hundred matching keywords with a popularity score. To optimize your web pages for SE you may save keywords in a file or even generate HTML keyword tag right away.
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ASP Did You Mean  ASP Did You Mean 2.00
ASP Did You Mean - search string spellchecking. International spell check for your search box. The component closely resembles the "Did You Mean...?" feature seen on Google and Yahoo! ASP Did You Mean is used on major public search engine as well as small web sites & intranets. It supports over 10 Languages. You may also build custom dictionaries & link to a database. This Active-X Component for ASP & PHP.
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Domain Search Tool  Domain Search Tool 1.2.8
Find domains with type-in visitors, search engine traffic, backlinks, PageRank, Alexa? rank, whois details and more. It can also auto-appraise domains using user specified formulas, send bulk automated offer e-mails, track your current auctions, monitor important domains, filter incredibly large domain lists and zone files and much, much more. All with full multiple proxy support.
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